Workingtree Studio E-commerce Site

E-commerce site

Agency: Maglabs Digital  •  Client: Corserv Group

Corserv Group commissioned a bespoke Shopify store to sell Bitcoin mining hardware with Escrow security. Their ambition was to vertically integrate data mining, hosting and power supply into one investable product to ensure that anyone can have access to Bitcoin.

We carried out an assessment of proposed e-commerce platforms, taking into account client needs, current client team capabilities, future growth and required integrations. As a result of this research, Shopify was chosen.

Workingtree Studio Shopify Integration

A key selling point is the option of Escrow secured transactions, giving the buyer reassurance in an insecure market. We used custom-coding to integrate the Escrow Pay buy button to the client team’s specification.

Workingtree Studio Shopify Upselling

The upselling capability of Shopify was used to showcase and sell noise control products produced by the Minestack sister company, Echo Barrier.