Content creation

“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.”

Anthony Volodkin

Content creation – the process of creating various forms of media that appeal to and engage your target audiences – involves multiple steps and starts with a strategy. 

An effective strategy to develop and share content across your channels to reach your target audiences can help you to grow brand awareness and credibility, engage with different online communities, retain existing customers, inform potential customers and improve organic search rankings.

Working with us

Together, we will produce compelling content which is:

Audience-centric – tailoring content to your audience’s interests and pain points.

Valuable – providing value to your audience by informing them or presenting solutions to problems.

Engaging – using storytelling, visuals, video and interactive elements to capture your audience’s attention.

Clear – using plain and concise language, avoiding jargon and keeping the message straightforward.

Credible – using solid data to back up claims. Citing credible sources and using influencer endorsement or expert interviews.

Unique – creating content that offers something different to what is already available.

Actionable – encouraging your audience to do something, whether it’s to think differently, apply the knowledge they’ve gained, share the content or make a purchase.

Our team can produce this compelling content as:

Written material – website copy, blog articles etc

Video, motion and CGI – video, HTML5 animations, video-blogs and AI generated content.

Interactive content – tools and features such as calculators, polls and interactive diagrams and maps to encourage users to engage with and share your content on a repeat basis, increasing brand awareness.

Photography – in a number of styles and genres.

Infographics – such as graphs, charts, histograms, diagrams and mind maps.

Audio content – such as podcasts, audiobooks and soundscapes.

Social media – posts, then listening, engaging and responding.

SEO-focused content – such as short explainer videos shared across multiple social media channels.

Our approach is client-centric and agile. The process will vary according to the project and your preferences, but the general outline is likely to be as follows:

The process

  • Initial meeting – Establish roles and responsibilities, preferred ways of working.
  • Discovery phase – Explore with you in detail project goals and audiences. Gather knowledge and supporting data from you. Together, set success metrics and finalise a project plan. Supply a cost breakdown and a statement of work.
  • (You may have completed the Initial meeting and Discovery phase with us as part of another process).
  • Content strategy phase – Understand topics specific to your business by accessing a variety of input (such as interviews with sales reps, customer support calls and online communities). Work with you to develop a strategy to create and share content across your channels to reach and engage your target audiences.
  • Content phase – Our talented Producers are skilled in the state-of-the-art software and techniques necessary to produce original and engaging content to meet project goals, turning strategically identified topic ideas into engaging written material (blogs, articles etc), video content (videos, video blogs), audio content (podcasts), visual assets. Repurpose the content for the chosen streaming services, channels and websites.
  • Analysis and iteration phase – During the campaign, track metrics that meet project goals. Collate and analyse data in order to make adjustments. At the end of the campaign, collate and analyse data to generate an ROI report.

Let’s talk!

If you have a project to discuss or if you’d like more information, we’d love to hear from you.