Social media management

“Marketing is about telling good stories. Social media marketing is about getting your customers to tell them for you.”

Corey Eridon

The right social media strategy – using platforms like Instagram, X, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube to promote your brand and sell your products or services – can deliver numerous benefits, helping you drive sales, amplify audiences and gauge how customers perceive your brand.

It can enable you to reach a specific audience at scale with targeted social advertising, to monitor conversations and responses and to analyse reach, engagement and sales.

Working with us

Whatever your marketing objectives, we can provide just the right kind of service for your business, taking on as much or as little of the set-up and ongoing management process as you require.

We can work with you to develop a strategy and help you to identify the channels that add value for your business objectives.

We can advise on and run the planning, scheduling, creation and publishing of content and the listening and engagement process in line with your strategy.

We can combine the use of AI, data-driven analysis and quick reactions to market conditions to ensure your strategy is implemented effectively and will achieve the best return on investment.

We can turn strategically identified topic ideas into engaging content.

We can help you deliver a unified message, consistent in tone while adapting to particular channels, but also natural and authentic (as with any conversation, social media is more rewarding when there are different voices).

We can dovetail with your existing social media team, or we can advise on (and even set up) an internal team to schedule, create and post content. For SMEs and larger companies this be can done by establishing a voluntary ‘social media committee’ headed up by trained moderators who will devise schedules, check and publish posts.

And of course, we can evaluate the success and strengths of your existing social strategy, platforms and processes, and identify the areas where improvements can be made.

Our approach is client-centric and agile. The process will vary according to the project and your preferences, but the general outline is likely to be as follows:

The process

  • Initial meeting – Establish roles and responsibilities, preferred ways of working.
  • Discovery phase – Understand your brand. Explore with you in detail project goals and audiences. Gather knowledge and supporting data from you. Together, set success metrics and finalise a project plan. Supply a cost breakdown and a statement of work.
  • (You may have completed the Initial meeting and Discovery phase with us as part of another process).
  • Strategy phase – Identify your user-personas. Work with you to develop a strategy to create and share content across your channels to reach and engage your target audiences or, if applicable, understand your existing strategy and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your existing social platforms.
  • Set-up phase – Add any necessary channels. Advise on any recommended services and tools (such as Buffer or Hootsuite) and set them up. Provide insights and information about any resources that will provide a competitive edge. Set up calendars, scheduling processes and reporting dashboards as required.
  • Management phase – In line with strategy and marketing goals, undertake community engagement and message interaction, turn strategically identified topic ideas into engaging pieces of content. Run specific campaigns and paid advertising as required. Analyse and report on agreed metrics.

Let’s talk!

If you have a project to discuss or if you’d like more information, we’d love to hear from you.