Customer relationship management

“Using a CRM on every potential client interaction will make sure you don’t miss a detail for the next time you touch base.”

Erik Cattelle

CRM – the process of capturing, organising and using data through a CRM platform – can help you lay a strong foundation for building and tracking relationships with your customers, collecting data about their preferences and setting up marketing automation processes for consistent, personalised interaction.

As soon as your business has an online presence, you start gaining access to valuable information about your audiences, customers and potential customers. Effectively collecting and organising information can tell you everything you need to know about your customers’ preferences – which products or services they value most, what they’re looking for and whether your messaging is telling them what they need to know.

Working with us

Whatever your marketing objectives, we can provide just the right kind of service for your business, tailoring our support to suit your particular requirements.

Specific CRM needs will vary based on how your business operates. Many companies with ten or more employees use a CRM, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho or Zendesk, and we can provide the platform-specific marketing or development expertise to help with a particular project or task.

If you are looking to invest in a CRM platform, we can advise on their relative merits and recommend a platform and an approach that are perfect for your goals, internal resources, future scaling requirements and budget.

We are not affiliated with any vendor companies and, as such, are ideally placed to provide unbiased advice.

If you have a smaller sales team or you are a solo entrepreneur running occasional marketing campaigns, you may be looking to have a centralised location for gathering customer information and to enable you to organise customer experiences and insights as you collect them.

We can build this functionality or advise on the most cost-effective CRM platform, so you can identify audience behaviour patterns and anticipate who’s most likely to convert in order to focus your resources where they’ll count.

Our approach is client-centric and agile. The process will vary according to the project and your preferences, (for example you may simply need our development expertise to help with a particular project or task), but the general outline is likely to be as follows:

The process

  • Initial meeting – Establish roles and responsibilities, preferred ways of working.
  • Discovery phase – Explore with you in detail project goals and audiences. Gather knowledge and supporting data from you. Together, set success metrics and finalise a project plan. Supply a cost breakdown and a statement of work.
  • (You may have completed the Initial meeting and Discovery phase with us as part of another process).
  • Consultancy phase – Gain a deep understanding of your online and offline market dynamics, key drivers and competition. Work with you to tightly define the opportunities for CRM to generate value for your business, map out the shape of the solution, the phasing, the costs, and best-fit technologies.
  • Design phase – Create a blueprint for the delivery of the final system based on the selected technology platform. Determine the system data model, data capture requirements, workflow and automation requirements, insight and analytical requirements and security.
  • Development phase – Development of systems, templates and campaigns, as part of the process – or you may simply need our development expertise as a ‘standalone’ service to help with a particular project or task.
  • Project management phase – Undertake an organisational change readiness assessment and risk assessment. Undertake procurement management, system and integration development and data migration management as required.
  • Final system testing phase

Let’s talk!

If you have a project to discuss or if you’d like more information, we’d love to hear from you.